About Me


I work as an IT Manager for a small company (~40 people) selling holidays to the UK market. Surprisingly for a holiday company in the current economic climate we are still making a profit so must be doing something right.

Because we are a small company and try to do most things in house I end up getting involved with everything from end user training through VB macro writing in Excel to server and database installation and maintenance which is great fun. Trying to remember the obscure setting or program I last used 9 months ago is not so much fun which is why I try to make notes in this blog.

Content is sometimes very specific without much background information but I decided to put this on the web in the hopes it might be hit by a few Google searches and be of use to someone.  When I have time I try to explain things properly and give background as this helps me remember and is more likely to help others.

Please feel free to comment if you have anything to add. If I can help I'll be happy to, if I've made a mistake I'd rather know about it so I can fix it!


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