Friday 29 October 2010


Starting to look at IPV6 and try to figure it out. So far I know that BT has no IPV6 available yet as of end Oct 2010 (we have a leased line with 100Mb bearer so definitely business class). Therefore it looks like I'll be doing a 6to4 setup for testing. Hopefully BT will at least get a 6rd system up and running fairly soon as that should give us better performance than 6to4 which currently would go to the closest host which I think might be in France based on the traceroute results I get. Still getting decent pings to it though so not too bad.
Update Jan 2011: Just found which claims BT's IPv6 trial is finished and services are now available. Hopefully this means we will get a properly allocated block of IPv6 addresses rather than using a tunnel. If we ever get it setup. I've chased my contact again for information.

Our firewall (Netscreen SSG140) supports IPv6 which is perfect and for testing I should be able to get our old Netscreen 5GT going, not sure if that will support 6to4 though. UPDATE: Yes - it does with newer firmware.

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