Wednesday 27 April 2011

So long TiddlyWiki

I was using the excellent TiddlyWiki for this blog. I have actually stared to get my own site appearing in my searches quite a bit recently. Due to the way TiddlyWiki works (just a single HTML file with DIV's to show/hide posts) the search engines see it has specific key words but when you follow the link you get the intro page. I'm going to migrate all my old posts over to Blogger (manually - yay!) over the next few days.... Update 28th April: Finished!  45 posts moved over, several ignored or merged as they were not valuble enough to save.  I corrected a few typo's during the transfer however I left the content as it was written. 

I'll keep using TiddlyWiki as a personal notebook for various projects, it is an excellent tool.  Unfortunately it does not quite cut it as a blog (but that was never its intention anyway).  Onwards and upwards - it will be interesting to see how many hits this site actually gets, something I could not track when using TiddlyWiki.  My main reason to write this blog is to keep a note of things I learn for myself, and explaining them helps me understand them better.  If anyone finds these random notes useful then its an added bonus.  If this site becomes popular I reserve the right to change my morals and plaster it with adverts...   :)

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