Tuesday 1 February 2011

Final IPv4 addresses allocated by IANA

Well APNIC has finally requested the last two blocks it is entitled to taking the number of available blocks to 5. Since this is the same as the number of RIR's (Regional Internet Registries) the final distribution of blocks has now been put in motion bu IANA.


Not that the date this happens effects the end game much - generally we are still expecting to run out at the RIR level by the end of the year. APNIC expects to start limiting IP addresses in 3-6 months after which its new customers only and they only get a few addresses (Max 1024 regardless of how big the company is). What I find really frustrating about the whole situation is the lack of support from big ISP's. I can understand businesses not buying into it (hey the internet is still working right?) and the techies getting frustrated but for an ISP like BTnet to still not support IPv6 is getting farcical. End of Jan I tried again and got this response:

BTnet does not currently support IPV6.
IPv6 on BTnet
BT is committed to the development and support of IPv6 across its networks and services including our UK and Global Internet platforms and our UK (BTnet) and Global (BTIA) Internet Access Services. This will ensure IP address space will continue to be available for all our customers as the IPv4 address space is forecast to become exhausted within the next few years. Upgrading our platforms to IPv6 will also allow BT to stay at the forefront of IP based services.
Currently IPv6 is being trialled with some customers at a number of sites on our Global Internet platform. Plans for full introduction to the Global and UK platforms are being prepared with the expected hardware and system upgrades expected to start during 2011.
No changes are expected to existing BTnet services. Customers will be kept informed when IPv6 capability is deployed on our platforms and any changes to their service options will be fully communicated at that time.
So much for a business class ISP - we only pay for a 10Mb leased line on 100Mb bearer over fibre. Litterally months away from this becomming a problem and this is going to be a bottleneck if the economy does turn round. With APNIC due to run out first a lot of the companies in Asia will start to implement IPv6 and with its multicast abilities I'd expect lots of online systems (eg online games) to start prefering IPv6 reasonably soon.  They already uses P2P for things like updates quite a bit.  Ah well I'll just keep asking every few months. Should have my test IPv6 setup online in a few days, no point waiting for BT any longer.

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