Monday, 14 February 2011

Learning IPv6 Part 2

I get the feeling that IPv6 is going to be bit tricky at first.

I sat down to try and get it going again and this time it all worked first time with no issues. Not sure what I was doing last time but I created a IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric (free tunnel broker service at, setup the tunnel in my old netscreen, added the routed subnet (despite them making the changed part of the IPv6 address bold I missed it the first time!), manually added some IPv6 addresses to the firewall and an old XP laptop and I was live on IPv6. No problems at all. Hit the button on the Hurricane Electric certification page to test and got promoted to Explorer from Newbie.

With lots of confidence I read the next test, basically I need to host a website on IPv6 with DNS resolution. Quickly decided to go for a linux install on the laptop with apache as a decent challenge (last setup Apache about 5 years ago, never with IPv6) and started downloading the latest Debian install ISO (6.0 - Squeeze - just released a few days ago). I hope this will also give me a good foundation for any other challenges that come along. While downloading I went to our domain registra's page planning to setup the DNS entry and found that does not support IPv6. Wait, what?

So our ISP (BTNet) does not yet support IPv6, neither does our "Fanatical support" web host Rackspace or our domain registra The ISP I can work around with the free tunnel from Hurricane Electric and I think I can run my own DNS server but don't think 123-reg will let me make a separate server authoritative for a subdomain. Guess I'll be creating a or similar to get this working for now, unless 123-reg have plans to support IPv6 soon. UPDATE: Yep, 123-reg have plans but no dates yet, guess I'll be learning how to set up a authoritative DNS server for IPv6 a bit sooner than expected.

In the mean time Debian Squeeze has nearly finished installing so I'm off to set up IPv6 in Linux and then probably watch the ASCII star wars intro to check its working.

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