Thursday, 17 February 2011

Learning IPv6 part 4 - Postfix email server

Postfix is very simple to install and was also pretty simple to setup for IPv6 use.
  1. install the postfix and alpine programs (plus dependancies)
  2. edit /etc/postfix/
    1. check the mydestination field includes the domain you have setup
    2. Ensure the mynetworks field includes the IPv6 network you are using (so for me I needed to add "[2001:470:1f09:12e9::]/64" to the end of the line
    3. added a line "" above the mynetworks line
    4. Add "inet_protocols = ipv4, ipv6" to the end of the file otherwise Postfix currently defaults to only listening on the IPv4 addresses
  3. Add the relevant lines to the bind zone file
    1. @ IN MX 10
    2. mail6 IN AAAA 2001:470:1f09:12e9::123
Allow mail through the firewall to the IPv6 address and it all worked smoothly.

RDNS was a real pain until I realised I needed to register my DNS server with hurricane Electric on their tunnel setup page. Obvious when you think about it - the IP's are registered to HE, how are they to know what my DNS server is?

A partly usefull site is which lets you check what it sees your DNS entries as, however it does not support IPv6 so shows the IP address as - at least you know that it is working that far though. :) You can also check other DNS records on this site (NS, A, SPF, txt, PTR, CNAME etc etc etc.)

A better guide to Postfix setup which does not include IPv6 is here:

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